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In Liverpool this week you may have noticed that it is the Labour Party conference. As with all Labour conferences, there were several “fringe” events organised alongside it. Momentum, a group formed by supporters of the platform and policies which Jeremy Corbyn used to win his first leadership election had its own.

The World Transformed: a four-day festival of art, culture and politics. The event which took place in the Black-E in Liverpool a few minutes’ walk down from the location of the official conference, looked to actually be one of the main highlights of the full weekend. Momentum, an organisation which has come under much criticism in the press and even a Dispatches Documentary aimed at exposing the group showed its true purpose with this event this week. Ultimately, Momentum is a group carrying the full force of a genuine social movement. With a free festival for the public full of workshops, talks and interactive lectures, this was an event aimed at transforming the British political common-sense by informing the British electorate at the grassroots level.

The diversity of the attendees of The World Transformed was impressive. The level of intrigue and intellect of those attending the workshops was also incredible. This was no homogenous block of opinion. The plurality of different views was obvious, although one consensus was clear: that it is the responsibility of the left in Britain, and only the left in Britain that can collect the relevant ideas to rectify and rebalance the circumstances of the British political-economy, and cure the cultural divisions that are all-the-more apparent due to Brexit.

In the upcoming days, PJ in Limbo will be launching a brand new series: Events. Within this, each post will be outlining the gist and analysis of the different ongoings topics. Starting here from The World Transformed, the Events series will begin with this talk in the next post:

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