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PJ in Limbo’s Democracy Workshop refers to a series of workshops that Bradley hosted in the Czech Republic during the summer months of 2016. These workshops combined methods of non-formal education to teach concepts of political philosophy such as democracy, power relationships, organising and making a difference in one’s surroundings in a more simple, empowering and interactive way.


Using PJ in Limbo as a vehicle, the Democracy Workshop is aiming to expand into a group session that is capable of being taught anywhere in the world (mainly focussing on Europe and the United Kingdom to begin with) providing that participants in these locations have moderate English language skills. Looking in the future and past potential language barriers, PJ in Limbo will eventually be looking to expand the Democracy Workshop, creating a network of Democracy Workshop hosts to offer their own customised workshops in their own countries.


As the current structure of each workshop stands, the workshop has a length of 1 hour and 30 minutes, and has 4 main sections:


1- Beginning by brainstorming the idea of what democracy is to people, the workshop moves into a role-play which aims to demonstrate the relationship of those with power, those without, and what individuals and groups can do to have their voices heard, exercise their democratic rights, and change their political surroundings.

2- The role-play continues into a section that combines an ‘alternative’ history of the participant’s respective countries. Stories are told of people working together to change their unjust circumstances, their methods are explained and then enacted upon in the classroom during the role-play.

3- The role-play is dissolved and participants are grouped together to devise their own campaigns, creating a piece of art to demonstrate their cause.

4 – Groups present their campaigns whereby a debate ensues of the overarching concepts discussed during the whole session. With a conclusive end, the questions remain open but enough light is shed upon them as topical discussions within democracy to cause some reflection within the participants well past the time that the whole session is finished.


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