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As of January this year, I have been volunteering through the European Voluntary Service scheme for an adult education, language school and youth organisation organisation in the Czech Republic. During this scheme I have the opportunity to organise my own mini-project. Therefore, I have taken this opportunity to start a project that I can start as a mini-project but take much further in the long term.

This will be the first of hopefully many workshops in the future. The aim is to provide a space for inspiration, conversation and debate on the many different forms of organisation and self-empowerment that are fundamental parts of democratic society.

The first of the series of workshops is going to be catered towards Czech students; basically students that don’t have English as their first language. Thus, the debate and conversation will be somewhat limited, although the aim is to circumvent this by introducing the concepts of the workshop with energisers and inclusive group activities.

On the Facebook event page for the workshop. The priorities are set out as follows:

1) A workshop which is for mainly the students of F. M. Pelcla Gymnázium – Czech speakers who are interested in speaking English (although anybody is welcome if they’re really interested).
2) An alternative “people’s” history of England and the United Kingdom.
4) Games and activities which will help our understanding of Democracy.
5) A lesson, conversation and debate about what Democracy is, using basic English language.

The main topic of this introductory workshop to democracy is on participatory democracy and consequently self-empowerment through organisation. The group activities and games aren’t explained as of yet although after it has finished, a review of the workshop with explanations and examples will be posted.

Until then, we will see exactly how this goes. How we can improve in creating a space whereby inspirational debate and conversation can occur on these topics.

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